I [skuːl] n
1) здание школы
- large school
- open-air school
- school building
- a school garden
- see a large school
- keep the school tidy
- lock the school
- open the school
- paint the school
- shut up the school
2) занятия, уроки

School is over. — Занятия (в школе) окончились.

What do you intend to do when you leave school? — Что ты хочешь делать после окончания школы?

Is he old enough for school? — Он уже достиг школьного возраста?

School begins in September. — Занятия в школе начинаются в сентябре.

- school age
- school library
- school books
- school furniture
- school leaver
- school children
- school board
- school fees
- be trained
- enroll in school
- enter a school
- have a course at a business school
- hold a summer school
- put the child in a special school
- address the whole school
- assemble the school
- disband the school
- attend school
- be at school together
- come home from school
- come home after school
- cut school
- dismiss school at noon
- do well at school
- drop out of school
- expel from school
- give the school a holiday
- give a talk to the school
- go to school
- grow in a severe school
- keep smb in after school
- keep a school
- leave home for school
- miss school
- play school
- put the boy to school
- run a school
- set up a school
- speak before the whole school
- stay away from school
- stay after school
- supply schools with books
- teach school
- walk to school
- welcome the children to school
- work in a school
- teach in a school
- school held during the summer months
- school kept by a priest
3) обучение, школа
- elementary school
- technical school
- musical school
- regimental school
- boarding school
- public school
- professional school
- evening school
- a preparatory school
- secretarial school
- a private school
- fully-staffed school
- free school
- chemistry school
- girls' school
- life's school
- training school
- teacher-training school
- Sunday school
- ballet school
- infant school
- nursery school
- charity school
- prep school
- language school
- mixed school
- school fee
- Medical School
- Arts School
- Theological School
- Law School
- school of engineering
- school of dancing
- school of art
- school for the blind
- school for gymnastics
- School of Liberal Arts
4) школа, направление
- realistic school
- illustrious school
- new school of fiction
- school of thought
- Flemish school of painting
- wisdom of the school
- man of the old school
- novelist of psychological school
- psychoanalysis of the Freudian school
- belong to an opposing school
- belong to a new school of journalism
- belong to no school
- start a rival school
- tell stories out of school
(1.) Существительное school 2. употребляется без артикля: to go to school учиться в школе/ходить в школу; to be at school быть в школе, на занятиях; after (before) school до (после) школы (уроков, занятий); school begins in September занятия в школе начинаются в сентябре. (2.) Существительное school 3. обозначает учреждение специализированного вида обучения и обычно употребляется с предшествующим определением и неопределенным артиклем: a medical school медицинское училище; a musical school музыкальная школа; an elementary school начальная школа. В остальных случаях существительное school употребляется с тем артиклем, которого требует ситуация: The school across the street has been built quite recently. Школа напротив нашего дома выстроена совсем недавно. (3.) See hospital, n (4.) See family, n
II [skuːl] n
стая, косяк
- a school of fish
- school of herring

Большой англо-русский учебный словарь сочетаемости. . 2010.

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